Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I join the PTA?

A. Visit our membership page to learn more.

Q. How much is a PTA membership?

A. A PTA membership is only $5 per year, per adult. We also offer opportunities to sponsor faculty. 

Q. Why should both parents get a PTA membership?

A. It’s a basic step to demonstrate your support of the extra programs and events that make Travis a unique school.

Q. Does the PTA participate in any rewards programs?

A. Yes! We participate in the Kroger Rewards program and Amazon Smile. Find more info here.

Q. Who is on the PTA Board?

Q. What is the school’s web address?

Q. What is the VIPS/RAPTOR program?

A. The VIPS program stands for Volunteers in Public Schools, and in 2018-19 it will migrate to the RAPTOR system. Every parent who wants to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips must pass a background check.

Q. How do I apply for VIPS?

A. Visit the HISD Volunteers in Public Schools page to apply. Apply early as the process may take up to two weeks.

Q. I went through the VIPS process last year. What do I need to do this year?

A. If you were approved last year then all you need to do is show your state-issued identification at the Travis Elementary front desk. This begins the background check process which is required every year. The background check process may take up to one week to complete.

Q. How do I check my student’s grades and attendance?

A. Visit HISD Connect.

Q. What is the PTA’s mailing address?

A. Our address is:

Travis PTA
3311 Beauchamp
Houston, Texas 77009