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These PTA sponsored events provide parents and caregivers with information about school initiatives and educational knowledge to continue classroom philosophies outside of school.  A variety of different topics will be covered throughout the school year. Details and flyers will be posted and updated regularly. 



by Lauren Lindsay, VP

Thanks to everyone who attended the PES last Thursday night. We hosted a viewing of the film “Screenagers” which discussed the use of screen time in our families’ lives and how best to handle the challenges that come with all that information.  The producer, who is also a pediatrician, has Tech Talk Tuesdays with her family, where they discuss issues surrounding screentime and you can sign up to receive a weekly email of some of the issues they discuss here:

This is related to the PES we presented last Spring when Diane Roche discussed “Unselfie” and the concern that our children don’t develop empathy the way they used to before screens.

Following the movie, Samantha Rosenthal and LaTonya Brown presented to us about how to help your children to safely use the internet. They shared many helpful resources to help parents keep on top of all the apps out there that our kids may be using. Their presentation can be found here and the parent resources are on the last 5 pages. I know we certainly had some good conversations in our home following this information, and as one attendee pointed out, good to be aware of these issues before they become issues in your home.

This is an important topic at Travis for all of us so I am grateful for our community for engaging in such a meaningful dialogue about it.

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All events in this series are FREE and open to all Travis parents and caregivers.

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