That was some Meet the Teacher/Watermelon Social! At the start, it was wall to wall people, lined up and waiting like they were trying to get in to a concert, which is sort of appropriate because Travis teachers are kind of like rockstars! I loved everyone’s enthusiasm...and I hope that positive energy carries into September and you join us for our first PTA meeting of the year at 7:30am on Friday, September 20 in the library. Speaking of joining, you can join Travis PTA HERE — being part of a strong PTA, like ours, magnifies your voice at the school level, the district level, the state level, and the national level...it’s the quadruple effect of a membership that costs just $5. For details about meetings and everything else PTA, check out travispta.org and/or follow us on Facebook at fb.me/TravisElemPTA. As always, I am here serving as YOUR president, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, reach out at president@travispta.org and I'll do my best to help. — Tamara Steele, PTA President