The HISD Board of Trustees faces replacement by a state appointed Board of Managers (BOM) due to two potential triggering events. First, a preliminary TEA investigation alleges that five trustees violated the open meetings act. The report also noted that several trustees overstepped the boundaries of their governance roles, and at least one interfered in contract negotiations. The TEA report is HERE.

The HISD School Board filed a lawsuit in response to the report. Information HERE.

HISD trustees can also be replaced by a state appointed BOM based on a second triggering event: the accountability grade of one HISD school that has now been in Improvement Required (IR) status for seven consecutive years. Sanctions are triggered when a school has been in IR for four consecutive years, according to a law passed in 2015. The board declined a partnership or chartering of the school. Possible remaining sanctions include school closure (though TEA has said that this is highly unlikely) and a takeover by a state appointed BOM.

While we wait to hear the final report and outcome for the HISD board, board elections for four districts (Districts II, III, IV, and VIII) will take place in November. (A portion of the Travis zone is in district VIII. If you’re not sure about your zone, you can search HERE.) If you reside in these districts, learn about the candidates and vote! — Julie O’Sullivan, PTA Legislative Chair