While everyone was out enjoying (hopefully) the summer vacation, the HISD school board was meeting with HISD administration regarding the 2019-20 district budget and how to best provide appropriate raises for teachers and staff. After much discussion and an extra meeting or two, the Board approved the 2019-2020 budget, including adjustments to pay for teachers and staff based on increased funding provided by TX HB3. Details can be found HERE and HERE.

TEA Accountability ratings come out on August 15th. At this time schools are given A-F ratings mainly based on STAAR scores, but also involving a few other factors. There are currently four schools in IR (Improvement Required) status that could trigger sanctions by the state. It is highly likely that at least one of these schools will remain in IR. Sanctions include shutting down IR schools (unlikely) and state takeover of the HISD. Regardless of school accountability outcome HISD could also receive sanctions from the state due to results of an ongoing TEA investigation regarding open meetings act and other violations of the HISD school board. It should be noted that even if all four schools come out of IR for this year, they cannot maintain simply a “passing” D grade. Click HERE for more information on that topic.

Finally, there are four school board trustee districts with elections in November. If you live in the following districts, please make yourself familiar with current trustees and their opponents and vote! Districts with November elections: D-II, D-III, D-IV, and D-VIII. These seats are currently occupied by Rhonda Skillern-Jones, Sergio Lira, Jolanda Jones, and Diana Dávila. Note: Travis is located in District I, but some zoned families reside in D-VIII. Know your district! You can find trustee info and district maps HERE.

- Julie O’Sullivan, Legislative Action Chair