I am bursting with pride and gratitude for the amazing work of this year's PTA Board. I have had the privilege of working with four separate boards during my children's time at Travis, and they each shared one very special trait - an absolute dedication to serving our school community with all they had. They truly are superheroes, so please join me in thanking them for sharing their time and talent for free, without reservation, and with a keen sense of efficiency, humor, and grace. They have made all our lives better in ways little and large and quite often unseen, and they've each always done it with a smile. It has truly been my honor to serve alongside them and get to call them each friend.

EXECUTIVE BOARD -  Tom Day, Nancy Dingwall, Sarah Gonzales, Melanie Gehman, Veronica Jurado, Kris Sonneborn, Tamara Steele

PROGRAMS TEAM - Lauren Lindsay, Lauren Garcia, Lori Horvilleur, Paul O'Sullivan, Derby Stevens, Rhonda Welch

PARENT INVOLVEMENT TEAM - Erin Bain, Langley Cumbie, Cindy Giesen, Gaby McBride, Julie O'Sullivan, Ruby Powers, Wendy Tull, Marie Wise

FUNDRAISING TEAM - Masha Phillips, Joanna Smith, Shelly Anello, Rebekah Baker, Stephanie Fraske, Alina Schrom, Phil Teague, Ashley Throckmorton

As my term ends on May 31, I hand over the reins to your incoming 2019-20 President, Tamara Steele. Tamara brings a heart for servant leadership to this role in addition to a wealth of knowledge she has developed during her time on four previous boards. I leave you proud of the work that this year's PTA has accomplished, but I am equally excited to see what is to come, as each incoming board brings new energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. While each year the school culture and traditions might take new directions, the one thing that is immovable is the spirit of the Travis community, because that is created by the presence of dedicated administration, talented faculty and staff, and the engagement of each of you and your families. YOU are what makes Travis special.

As a community this year, we have grown as advocates, we have answered calls to help each other, and we have grown wiser about the issues that impact public schools, including teachers and students, and the power we have to effect change. We have laughed and cried and complained and celebrated together, just as any family would. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that family and to lead this organization for the past two years. Know I have always done MY best because our Travis students, staff, and families deserve THE best. But for now, I'm OUTTA TIME. --Jenny Teague, PTA President