Remember back in the golden days (a few months ago), when HISD announced a $210 per student (PUA) cut to the 2019-20 budget?  Then, in early April, HISD announced the cut would be reduced to “only” $73 per student. And THEN, just last week, HISD made principals aware that there would be NO cut to PUA for 2019-20.  What a roller coaster! The good news is that Travis will not see additional budget cuts next year. The less good news is that the school is operating on a dramatically reduced budget as a result of prior year general, magnet, and GT funding cuts.  Be part of restoring equity to all schools by making your state representatives and senators aware of your support for HB 3, which raises the per-student funding amount for ALL Texas public school students. More info and contact details are available HERE.  

-Jenny Teague, PTA President