As we enter the home stretch of National Nutrition Month and the VegOut! Challenge, it’s a good time to acknowledge all the hard work that our students have already put into building a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Many kids have already surpassed VegOut’s goal of eating 30 different vegetables in 30 days, and we applaud this long list of super-veggie eaters. However, please remember that the real focus of this year’s challenge is to celebrate every child who can successfully reach the 30 veggie goal, because their hard work and bravery (which is what it takes to try a new veggie when you’re 5 years old!) is nothing short of admirable.

A huge thanks to Mr. Day, who provided us with recipes for two of his favorite veggie dishes: Classic Ratatouille and Coconut Veggie Curry. Mr. Day indicated that both of these recipes “are very kid-friendly dishes that are enthusiastically consumed in [his] home”. He was also quick to point out that his wife, Jennifer, is the chef at his house.

— Rhonda Welch, PTA Health and Wellness Chair