The Calm Crusaders 6-week program has returned to Travis Elementary! It is a small and fun group led by clinicians where children aged 8-11 (3rd through 5th grade) learn to identify stress, worry, emotions, anticipatory anxiety, overwhelm, fears, and frustration in their body. We will learn what happens to each of us, individually and uniquely, right before we behave a certain way. Illustrating that particular situations lead to thoughts, thoughts lead to emotions and emotions lead to behavior. This is a candid discussion lead by the child on how to observe, explore and navigate their feelings.

Dates: March 28 – May 2 (once a week on Thursdays)
Times: 2:55pm – 4pm

To learn more, go to and hit the “Calm Crusaders” tab. If you have questions or want to sign up your child, please email School Counselor Leslie Smith or Barbie Atkinson, LPC at