Early voting is in full swing, and there are four HISD trustee positions up for grabs. If you reside in Districts II, III, IV, or VIII, please make a point to vote for your school board trustee. There is a strong possibility that the state will take over HISD (due to one of two reasons: result of TEA investigation into board governance and malfeasance OR results of chronic poor academic performance of one district high school) and appoint a Board of Managers; however, it is important to vote in this election because as the members of the Board of Managers roll off, the elected trustees will return to their roles and represent their districts. The people elected during these HISD elections will be entrusted at some point to make decisions that will affect all of our children. If you are not voting early, election day is November 5. For more information regarding the importance of the elections and candidate information, please click HERE and HERE.

Additionally, Texas voters are being asked to vote on 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. One of these is Prop 7, which would increase distributions to the state school fund (Available School Fund or ASF). For more information, please click HERE.

-- Julie O’Sullivan, Legislative Action Chair