The Texas Education Agency (TEA) opened up a special accreditation investigation into HISD last week for open meetings violations by HISD trustees. This type of investigation gives the TEA great discretion to look into possible misconduct and wrongdoing, and TEA could, depending on findings, issue a range of sanctions. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, sanctions could include anything from minimal punishment to possible state takeover of the district. Even if there are no findings in this investigation that result in sanctions, the district still faces potential state takeover of our elected school board in August if any one of the four schools currently in IR (improvement required) status longer than five years remains in IR status once STAAR test scores are released, per HB 1842. Find more information on the current investigation HERE.

Board Workshop: February 4, 2-3:30pm, Hattie Mae White Building
Agenda Review: February 4, 4-8:00pm, Hattie Mae White Building
Board Meeting: February 14, 5-9:00pm, Hattie Mae White Building
Register to speak at a board meeting HERE.

The 86th Texas Legislature is ready to attack school funding reform, and our voices need to be heard. If you believe in funding for public schools, funding for special education, mental health supports, and taking action regarding school safety, then join us in Austin on February 25.