In line with Principal Day's new Tuesday E-Folder communications, PTA is rejigging the content we offer via Tiger Beat and the PTA Facebook page. Starting with the February 5th issue, Tiger Beat and the PTA Facebook page will contain primarily PTA-related news. All information related to school initiatives that do not directly involve PTA will be sent out in Mr. Day's Tuesday E-Folder email, which Mr. Day himself manages. This avoids duplication of effort and ensures that families like you get the news they need on both a school and a PTA front, but with clear lines as to who to contact about different programs.

PTA applauds Mr. Day for finding a creative way to modernize the Tuesday folder communications AND save money on paper. When PTA moved paperless last year, it saved us literally hundreds of dollars. For the school to make the same move will save them THOUSANDS. As a PTA, we are so proud of our weekly email that tells parents all the PTA news they need to know, and long may that tradition continue, as we now partner with the school to share electronic communications with families. Same great info, two great sources!