Families, thank you for helping us put children first as we’ve implemented new procedures during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times. This has helped cultivate a calm, orderly, and safe environment for our students and staff during peak times of transit. Additionally, we will conduct monthly fire drills and quarterly inclement weather drills in order to be prepared for those emergency scenarios, the first of which took place the week of Aug. 27-31. We will also notify you before conducting an intruder drill in the month of September.

We also ask for your help during those times of the school day when students are outside for recess or movement breaks, garden time, fire drills, etc. Please do not approach the school fence to talk to, or take pictures of, any children (including your own) as it is difficult for teachers and students to distinguish between strangers and school family members, which creates a safety concern. Along those lines, we ask that if you are driving along the perimeter of the campus to please refrain from idling or driving too slowly as this, too, can create an uneasy feeling for staff members supervising students.

As we say to our students, “It is our job to keep it safe. It is your job to help keep it safe.” Thank you for your support!

-- Mr. Day