The mission of PTA is to advocate for children and families. Through its programs, National PTA has called for legislation that has positive impacts for children -- examples include healthy lunch programs, creation of kindergarten classes, and school safety. One of the most important things that you can do for public education and family empowerment is to VOTE. Mid-term elections will take place on November 6, 2018. The voter registration deadline is October 9 for the November 6 election. Texas voter registration information is here. Check your registration to be sure that your home address is accurate. Know your candidates, and know that you have the power to advocate for your child with a vote.

As you may have heard, HISD avoided sanctions and state takeover due to STAAR results and Harvey waivers. This allows for a one year reprieve before consideration of ‘Improvement Required’ campus results will likely be an issue again. 

Upcoming HISD meetings (All events listed occur at the Hattie Mae White Building):

Aug 28 -- Board Workshop, 4pm
Sept 4 -- Agenda Review, 4pm
Sept 13 -- Board Meeting, 5pm

Finally, save the date! Join us in Austin for PTA Rally Day: Feb 25, 2019, Austin TX. This is a day to talk to legislators about our kids. If you are passionate about anything school related -- school funding, the new school ratings system, preventing gun violence in schools, voucher programs, special education -- this is a day to talk to legislators about it! 

-- Julie O’Sullivan and Ruby Powers, PTA Legislative Co-Chairs