Travis Family, I wanted to share that, as you may have heard, my family has moved to the Woodlands area.  We are excited about this next step in our journey, but we are saddened to say goodbye to a school and neighborhood community that has offered us love and support over the past 7.5 years.  While our children will be leaving Travis in December to start their new school, I will remain in your service as PTA president through the end of my term in May 2019. Why, you ask? The short version is because I said I would. When I was again elected as president for this year, I made a promise to serve, and I want to be a person of my word for the school and for the board members who committed to serve alongside me. The longer version is that, after discussion with our current PTA board, no one felt quite ready to take on the role, so this additional 6 months gives them time to continue to hone their skills so that a new board will start fresh and prepared in 2019-20.  In consultation with Mr. Day, I have agreed to stay on to help be part of that training in preparation for passing the proverbial torch. The Travis community has played a large part in my family, so this final act of service means that I will pay forward the kindness we've enjoyed by continuing to represent the interest of Travis students, families, and faculty just as voraciously as I would if my own children still walked the halls. Is this unusual? Sure, a little. But the Travis we love has never been happy with being usual. I will still be on campus weekly and am always available to you via email. I look forward to attending all extracurricular events with my family as the Teagues continue to show up for Travis as so many of you have shown up for us.  And even better news than me staying is that my better half, Phil Teague, is also staying on as Auction Chair. Boy, do he and his team have a party planned for you! More details on that below. In the meantime, if you have any questions or I can be of service to you, now or in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out.
-Jenny Teague, PTA President

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