Last week, HISD trustees came together to support a resolution of reconciliation after voting to reinstate Dr.Grenita Lathan to the role of interim superintendent. Additionally, the board has agreed to work with an executive coach so that they can model appropriate conduct for HISD students and learn to be respectful toward one another. Hopefully, this results in their getting to the real work of supporting all children in the district in getting an appropriate and equitable education. If you feel so inclined, please reach out to your trustee to let them know that the focus should stay on our kids. Their emails can be found HERE.


WHEREAS, this board of nine trustees is committed to learning from past mistakes and to modeling better behavior for our students, families, and the wider Houston community; WHEREAS, we desire to move forward with a focus on educational equity and improving student achievement across the Houston Independent School District;

WHEREAS, we acknowledge that in the past ten months we have each through word and deed, action and inaction, in ways large and small, caused hurt to one another, intentionally or unintentionally;

WHEREAS, we acknowledge that we each share responsibility for the breakdown of trust and communication that has impeded our ability to work effectively as a board;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDAINED that the Houston Independent School District Board of Education:

1. Asks forgiveness, each trustee to each trustee;

2. Commits to reconciling with one another and treating one another with respect;

3. Commits to ongoing team building; and

4. Commits to working with an executive coach as we undertake the challenges ahead.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 18th day of October, 2018.

In preparation for PTA Rally Day on February 25, 2019, here is some background information regarding education in Texas, PLUS the current Texas PTA Legislative Resolutions and Positions:

Overview of the history of public education in Texas

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Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the second Thursday of every month during the regular school year. To register to speak at a board meeting, click HERE.

  • October 29: Agenda Review, 4pm, Hattie Mae White Building

  • October 30: Board Workshop, 4pm, HMW Building

  • November 8: Board Meeting, 5pm, HMW Building

-- Julie O’Sullivan and Ruby Powers, PTA Legislative Action Co-Chairs