Our National Wildlife Federation (NWF) grant as a Monarch Heroes school requires us to have our Monarch butterfly garden underway by November 1.  Please join us on Sunday, October 21, 8am-12pm to help prepare the garden, and tell others who may be interested!

We will be building up a bed of good, organically rich soil in which to plant our native seeds and plants. Please bring a wheelbarrow and shovel if you have them.  I have two wheelbarrows and several shovels in the garden; however, it will go much faster if we have many working at the same time.

A reminder of why we need to help Monarchs:  Unfortunately, in the past 20 years, the population of Monarch butterflies in North America has dropped by 90%.  There is a growing effort here and in Mexico to reverse this decline and bring back this beautiful insect to its former population.  Here in Houston, that effort focuses on planting native nectar plants for Monarch butterflies to sip on and enjoy, and planting native milkweed which is suited to our climate and will die back in winter, encouraging migration to Mexico.

Thanks for being part of this urgent effort to keep our beautiful migrating butterfly around for future generations.

-- Ms. West, Garden Instructor