At the HISD Board of Trustees meeting on 10/11, Interim Superintendent Lathan was replaced with a former HISD Superintendent, Dr. Saavedra, effective Monday, 10/15. Trustee Davila made the motion, which passed 5-4 with Davila, Sung, Lira, Vilaseca, and Santos (Travis’ trustee) voting in favor. This was done with no warning, no community input, no research, and no discussion as a full board about the merits or potential issues resulting from such an action. Recording of meeting available here. However, on Sunday, 10/14, Dr. Saavedra confirmed to the Houston Chronicle he would not be coming to HISD as he was unaware his appointment had not been openly discussed by the full board, meaning Dr. Lathan will remain in the role of interim superintendent. The Superintendent’s role as leader of HISD is far too critical to leave to chance. Contact your trustee to let them know that HISD students and families deserve more.

 Demand better from our trustees. Demand transparency. Demand accountability. Demand community input. Demand civility in public discourse. Demand HISD kids are put before personal politics.

 -Jenny Teague, PTA President

 Trustee Emails: