Thank you to everyone who helped to make World Cultures Night a success!  Thank you SO much to all of our incredible Ambassador families:  the Egans, the Schultz and Hipps families, the Olsons, Jessica Junkans, the Dulanys, the O’Sullivans, Stella Hart and family, Jay Tchakarov, the Irishkovs, Evelyn Cantorna,  the Patels, the Riceman/Fraske family,  Rashmi Bapat and family, the Teagues, the Trilli/Nunez family, the Barrigans, Ms. Avila, Jenny Yeggoni and family, the Basnight/Cotado/Masllorens family, the Powers family, Galina Saburov and family, Olena Popova and Elizabeth, the Welch family, Milkyway Tran, the Cumbie family and Silvia Pacheco and family. 

 Every year I am so impressed by the thought, care, time and energy that goes into each of these amazing countries. Every year I think it cannot get any better and every year they up the bar and it is amazing.   Thank you all for sharing your culture and experiences with us!  Thank you also to Ms. Wadler and the 4th grade singers for kicking off our performances so perfectly, and to Mr. Davis for all of his technical expertise. Special thanks also to Ali Kirby for stepping up to help set up for the night, to Susan Watt for answering the call to scoop gelato, to Veronica and Ruby Loomis for helping with clean up and to Travis alums Lilly Jordan and Katie Land for helping backstage with the performances. We are also very grateful to all the volunteers who helped in the Spirit Store and Concessions stand: Kelly Hare, Chantal Rappi, Kris Sonneborn and Melanie Gehman.  So very grateful for this Travis community!  Lauren Lindsay, VP Programs