Travis PTA Needs YOU

Make a difference for yourself and the Travis Community! There are two critical Executive Board positions that are unfilled – Membership Chair and Auction Chair.

It may seem like a huge commitment to jump right into the Travis PTA. We have a solution for that! Find a friend and work together as co-chairs. Or, the PTA offers “vice chair” positions where an individual shadows the Chair for one year. Then, after getting your bearings, you move up to Chair. The Travis PTA wants to make it as easy and friendly as possible for folks to get involved!

Important Note about the Auction 2016 – Without an Auction Chair or Auction Committee, the Travis PTA 2016 Auction will not take place. Will you answer the call for help?

If you are interested in volunteering as Membership Chair or Auction Chair or just want more information, contact Elizabeth Coffman.