Tiger Beat is on Summer Break

This issue of Tiger Beat is our final newsletter for the current school year. If the PTA has an important event or reminder to share this summer, you periodically may receive a Tiger Beat in your email inbox. However, for the most part, we will be taking a break for the summer.

I echo the sentiments of Gretchen Himsl in that producing a weekly newsletter really does take a team of dedicated individuals. I have the best team! I want to thank my partner Jeana Teeter for all the time and effort she's given as co-editor, and a big thank you goes to our volunteer translators, Xiomara Cordova, Jennifer Yeggoni, Gaby McBride and Evelyn Cantorna, for helping us communicate our stories and events to our Spanish-speaking families at Travis. Travis parent Mark Sternfels provides unlimited technical support and is the brains behind our redesigned PTA website.

- Camille Webb, PTA Communications Chair