Final Messages from PTA President Gretchen Himsl

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your PTA President for the past two years. I feel privileged to have assisted the school in this way and am grateful to have worked with so many wonderful people.

Thank you to the PTA Board Members from this year and last year; I could not have asked for a more dedicated and creative group of volunteers. Thanks also to the countless parent volunteers who help the PTA in infinite ways - from the classroom to field trips to the Carnival and Auction.  You are the heart and soul of Travis! Finally, please join me in continuing to support the PTA next year under the leadership of President-Elect Elizabeth Coffman. Elizabeth is a talented and inspired leader, and we are in good hands!

And, thank you to our Tiger Beat team! Thank you to our editors, Camille Webb and Jeana Teeter, and our volunteer translators. It wasn’t so long ago that the printed Tiger Beat came out on an unpredictable schedule. Since then, we’ve gone all digital, have nearly 400 active readers a week and just debuted a fancy new masthead! It is truly a useful and vital part of keeping the Travis community connected. Thank you all for your dedicated efforts to produce such a valuable weekly newsletter!

Have a happy and safe summer,