A Note of Gratitude

What an incredible night!! Travis: The Auction 2015 was such a success! I can’t stress enough how unique and tremendously special our Travis Community is, and it is evidenced by events like our Auction. I am most proud of how we have a fun night out, but it all centers around the kids: showcasing their pictures and artwork and raising money for their school.

Tremendous thanks to our Auction co-chairs, Mark Sternfels and Christina Kuehler, for their vision and hard work on this event. Thank you to the numerous members of the Auction Team who gathered donation items, wrote thank you notes, fostered class projects, set up, worked and cleaned up for the event. It went very well, and everyone I talked to said they had a very fun time! We also had some record-breaking live auction items (Thank You Ms. Tello and Ms. Nelson!), and I know we are on track to make and possibly beat last year’s total.

And finally, thank you to the parents, teachers and staff who bid on all of our awesome silent and live auction items! Travis has become known in the community for our parent involvement and dedication to our kids and school. Not only are you the hardest working group of parents I've ever met, you're also the friendliest and most generous and creative too! 

This was truly a community effort, and Travis is a stronger school because of it!

Gretchen Himsl