Odyssey of the Mind News

This year at Travis, we were thrilled to have eight Odyssey of the Mind (OM) teams! In addition to performing around Travis, five of these teams participated in the OM Houston Regional Tournament March 7. Teams proudly showcased the skits they wrote, sets they constructed, costumes they designed and props they designed, tested and built. They demonstrated teamwork, collaboration and ingenuity. Travis was well represented!

*Two teams will be advancing to the State Tournament April 11. We wish them the best of luck!

1st Grade - Ezekiel Buford, Karolina Chaloupka, Dylan Robey, Abby Walmer, Dylan Handel

2nd Grade - Selis Tufecki, Henry Giles, Livy Guyre, Kiera McBride, Skyler Cion, Mira Yankowsky, Nick Yankowsky

4th Grade - Benjamin Dalton, Samuel Fereday, Claire Kuehler, Olivia Valero, Kai Chase, Cecelia Barone, Jackson Guyre

*4th/5th Grade - Francesca Bowne, Meredith Burks, Reese Hopkins, Owen Paschke, Ricardo Perez, Ben Walmer, Hailey Wood

*5th Grade - Eric Bennett, Erin Earthman, Isabella Gumney, Eliza Sommers, Claudia van Ek, Niko Vastakis, Alex Yankowsky

- Diana van Ek