Travis Foundation Approves More Grants

The Travis Foundation has been busy approving grants during these first few weeks of 2015! Here's an update...

A request from 4th grade teacher, Ms. Caraway, was approved for a two-day Singapore Math training for $388. She plans to implement the program in her classroom to increase her students' ability to problem solve AND share the new concepts she learns with her fellow faculty members.

Ms. Tello, a 2nd grade teacher, was approved to attend the Annual Region IV Mathematics Conference: Cornerstones for Success K-5 for $100. Attending this conference will allow her to gather more effective math strategies that she'll use to strengthen her students' understanding and retention of math concepts while expanding her math teaching "tool bag.” She also plans to share these math strategies with the 2nd grade teaching team.

The 2nd grade teachers' request for an in-house field trip for their students was approved for $300. The Houston Audubon Society Outreach Program will present their Bird Program a few days before the 2nd Grade Camp Out. This will allow the students to learn about the birds they will see in Huntsville State Park, in addition to bird adaptation, migration, etc. They also will bring an owl for the students to see!
-Emily Guyre