Quick Q&A from Travis Foundation, Year-End Donations

Q. What makes Travis Elementary such a unique learning environment?
A. The teachers!

Q. For sure, but what else?
A. The kids!

Q. Well, that’s a given. What else?
A. Our amazing administrators, staff and Mr. Day!

Q. Ok, you are so on the right track, and I feel like this might go on all day. Can you think of anything else?
A. The amazing facilities, programs and instruction!

Q. Yes! And why do we have all these amazing things?
A. Oh, I get it! The incredible community involvement! In tandem with our teachers, administrators, staff and Mr. Day, together we have created a truly unique learning environment for our children. Hey, how can I help?

Q. What a great question! So glad you asked. For now, please remember the Travis Foundation when considering end-of-year donations. And, in February, get ready to RAISE THAT PADDLE at the Auction! Every single dollar raised supports the Travis Foundation in its mission to enhance educational opportunities across grade levels, directly benefiting all Travis students!

Travis Foundation has spent approximately $20,000 on grant requests this fall, putting books in classrooms and the library, sending teachers to continuing education conferences, helping fund field trips, buying printers for classroom projects and the list goes on and on. 

Please help Travis Foundation continue to support teachers and students! Travis Foundation accepts donations all year long, including cash, checks and stock options. And, don't forget about corporate matching opportunities! Thank you!

Questions? Please contact Shelley Bennett at shelley.bennett@yahoo.com or your grade representative.