Winners from Carnival Prize Booth

Drum roll please...The results are in from the Carnival Prize Booth! The top three classes in each grade level won the following class parties: Extra Recess with Popsicles (1st Place Winners); Oreos & Milk Favorite Book Party (2nd Place Winners); and Popcorn Party (3rd Place Winners).

Congratulations to all our winners and classes and a BIG thank you to all the families who gave their time and money to our carnival!

Pre-K / Kindergarten
Nelson  (1st)
Burke (2nd)
Strempel (3rd)

Keys  (1st)
Harrington (2nd)
Flores (3rd)

Tello  (1st)
Espino  (2nd)
Crabtree (3rd)

Donaldson (1st)
Ferrell (2nd)
Thompson (3rd)

Santos (1st)
Wingard (2nd)
Caraway (3rd)

Cheng (1st)
Jeffery (2nd)
Friedenberg  (3rd)

-Kristen Burke, Karen Wilshire and Jennifer Yeggoni