Travis Foundation Approves $14,000 in Grants

The Travis Foundation has approved almost $14,000 in grants in the month of October:

  • $5,000 for the Travis library to purchase non-fiction books
  • $3,000 for two kindergarten teachers to attend the National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference in Orlando, Fla., which focuses on the latest research in early childhood best practices and brain development
  • $1,625 to purchase an Action Based Learning LAB package and 10 ergo chairs that will provide more kinesthetic learning opportunities for students, especially those struggling with foundational concepts in math and reading. The LAB package will be used during PE classes and both the LAB package and ergo chairs will be used in intervention groups
  • $1,521 for an autism workshop for intervention, early-childhood and enrichment teachers, which provided strategies, accommodations and interventions to support students on the autism spectrum or students with difficulties related to sensory issues
  • $750 for HP laserjet printers and toner for 5th grade students to print PowerPoints, spreadsheets, Word documents and research sources associated with class projects
  • $788 for traveling art exhibits to be displayed in the school foyer, providing a creative outlet for integrating art into math/science and preparing students for classroom research projects
  • $624 for Time for Kids, a current events, non-fiction subscription for each 4th grade student, which enhances reading and comprehension of informational text, culture and history. It also provides opportunities for students to analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about expository text

Thanks to your support, the Travis Foundation continues to enhance educational opportunities across grade levels, directly benefiting all Travis students!

-Shelley Bennett, Vice President Travis Foundation