Travis Auction: Sign-Up Parties and School Experiences

Like to party? Planning is underway for the 2015 Auction, and we need your donations of Sign-Up Parties and School Experiences!

Travis Families: If you want to host a party at your home or any other venue, let us know! Themes in past years have been anything from Frozen sing-alongs to beer-making classes to Hot Tub Time Machine parties. The theme can be any fun and creative idea you can think of! Have a special skill or talent? Host a party to share your knowledge and build community with other Travis families. You donate the party, and auction attendees will “sign up” to attend. The PTA raises money for our school, and everyone has a great time – it’s a win-win!

Teachers and Staff: We want to expand our School Experiences sign-up events! There are rumors of movie nights in the Travis garden and possible Travis Sleepovers. We can’t wait to hear more of your fun and creative ideas!

For more information or to donate a sign-up event, contact Emily Guyre or Jeana Teeter.