Travis Foundation Awards Grants

Congratulations to our first Travis Foundation grant recipients for the 2014-15 school year:

• Mark Sternfels and other first grade parent volunteers were granted $550 to continue the beautification of the Butterfly Gardens. These funds will allow them to add mulch and stepping stones, which will provide protection to the beds and give the 1st grade students and teachers better accessibility during their annual butterfly project.

• Travis' Reading Specialist, Lauren Malone, received a $1,000 grant to increase the amount of book carts for each grade level. These carts will allow her to organize leveled books for students to check out for independent reading at home. When our students have books readily available, they will become more excited and motivated to read.

We also want to thank everyone who joined us Sunday, Sept. 14 at St. Arnold's Brewery for our Back-to-School Social. We raised $1,315 in donations, which will be used toward funding additional grants. We encourage teachers, students AND parents to apply.
- Emily Guyre