Introducing Slack

The PTA is excited to introduce Slack, a private and safe communication tool for the entire Travis community. Slack is an email alternative that lets you communicate privately and securely with individuals or groups similar to text messaging.

What might you do with Slack? Privately communicate with teachers one-on-one. Download a digital copy of your child's homework assignment. Organize teams to tackle volunteer projects. Have a question about the Kindergarten Campout or want to know who to contact about French Club? Ask on Slack. 

Slack is more than another social network. Unlike others, Slack doesn't sell user information to advertisers. In fact, there's no advertising on Slack. What's more, you can share files and have private conversations one-on-one or within groups. There are even public channels where everyone is welcome to ask or answer questions and share things like photos, videos or links. 

Everyone at Travis is invited to join this new private messaging system. Slack is accessible private messaging system.via the web or mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. 

To receive your invitation to join the Travis community on Slack, visit and request access.
-Mark Sternfels