Travisaurus: A Message From Mr. Day

The Travisaurus art car amazed spectators at the Houston Art Car Parade last Saturday and won 1st place – youth category! WOW! What an impressive sight it was – an embodiment of the unique spirit and tradition of Travis! A very special thank you to the dedicated group of Travis parent volunteers, staff, and students that toiled for several weeks constructing the giant triceratops built around an old ambulance, including: the Krathaus/McGettigan Family for coordinating the effort and for lending use of the vehicle; Travis art teacher Ron Arena; and the Hixson, Cion, Moore, Powers, Shepard and Anderson Families. We also thank Mr. Arena’s art students, the many un-named volunteers who worked on it, the Travis Foundation for grant funding, and Kathleen Ownby/Spark Park/Charming Charlie for donating to the cause. Truly awesome!

Another thank you goes to Travis parent Loriana Morris, who designed the 2013-2014 Travis Yearbook and coordinated its production, advertising, sales, and distribution. It’s a beautiful publication and pre-ordered copies were sent home with students on Thursday. If you would like to order a copy, see the info box below. Thanks again, Ms. Morris!
One more thank you goes to Travis parent Joey Norvell. On Saturday, May 3, along with our custodians Mr. Vaquiz and Mr. Cruz and employees of Norvell Enterprises, the group picked up and disposed of the endless layers of fallen leaves piled up along Beauchamp next to the Spark Park and up to the school. What an amazing service this was to our school community and very much appreciated!