Final Word on 2014 Auction

Thank you to all our volunteers, donors, and guests for making Travis: The Auction a great party and successful fundraising season. We implemented a lot of changes this year and I’d like to briefly explain why and give you some results.

  • Funds raised by the auction account for roughly 90% of the PTA’s budget. By fundraising over time rather than in one night we eliminated the impact unforeseen events could have on our bottom-line. We’re transitioning from a fundraiser dependent on attendance to one dependent on attention.
  • Don’t misunderstand, the event itself will always be an important part of our fundraising strategy and it’s a vital part of the PTA’s continued interest in building relationships, both amongst parents and with Travis staff, to further our strong sense of community.
  • Online fundraising, in its first year, accounted for more than 50% of our total revenue. Over 400 transactions (not items, transactions!) were processed through
  • As of today we’ve raised over $94,000. We realistically expect to close out the year above $96,000 (yes, there’s still money trickling in). This number is in addition to the funds raised by Travis Foundation from Raise the Paddle.
  • Shifting to online sales reduced our setup time for the event from two full days to three hours. It also reduces our square footage requirements. The impact of this change on our volunteers, our team leaders, and list of potential venues going forward is huge.
  • Our previously untapped network of friends and family raised $6,499.94 through Challenge 2014, the PTA’s online donation campaign introduced this year. Even though the Challenge only asked for $20.14, the average donation was above $50.
  • We estimate 366 guests attended Travis: The Auction.

Planning for next year’s event is already underway and I sincerely hope you’ll consider becoming part of the team.