Travis Foundation Approves Four Grants

The Travis Foundation has approved four more grants! Congratulations to...

  1. Fourteen Travis teachers received $2,493 to attend The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in Houston from Nov. 19-21. This conference allows our teachers to continue helping our children with success in all areas of math (number concepts, number operations, algebra readiness and skills and assessment techniques) and stay up-to-date in the most current math strategies.
  2. Mr. Arena will receive $1,000 for materials and supplies for resurfacing specific areas of our prize-winning mobile dinosaur, the Travisaurus art car.
  3. Fourth grade teachers will receive $558 for a subscription to Time for Kids for all fourth grade students. This publication provides current nonfiction reading experiences, including Reading and Comprehension of Informational Text (Culture, History and Expository Text) and Reading/Media Literacy.
  4. Ms. Crabtree will receive $42 for two requested resource texts, Word Ladders and Making Words, to help build her student's vocabulary, word study skills, phonemic awareness and spelling.
    - Emily Guyre