Thank You from Travis Teachers

Dear Travis Community,
Thank you from the bottom of our healthy hearts for the incredible, bottomless fruit bowl and K-Cup bar. We are so grateful for the past and future families that have taken/will take a week to show their appreciation for us through this amazing gesture and especially the Sternfels family that started this wonderful tradition.

Overheard from the teachers:

“We strive to keep our students healthy by helping them choose good fit foods. It warms my heart that our parents are keeping us healthy by providing these same kinds of foods!”

“I feel loved and appreciated from the inside out.”

“It is so refreshing to know that we always have a healthy choice for a snack on any given day.”

“When I walk into the teachers’ workroom and see the bowl of fruit, it makes me stop and realize how appreciative I am that someone keeps the bowl full! A very welcoming feeling as well as making the teachers workroom feel warm and inviting!”

“For me, I love walking into the lounge and seeing the fruit bowl full of healthy organic snacks. They re-energize me and help me get through the rest of the day. It is also a nice treat at the end of the day as I work on wrapping up things.”

“The healthy snacks are wonderful but since my team eats lunch in there it has been nice to see different teachers come into the lounge that I rarely see! It has created a sense of “kitchen” in our school…a place where everyone gathers to catch up.”

“These are some of the best treats I’ve ever been given in my 20+ years of teaching, thank you so much!”

“It was such a pleasant surprise to find a huge selection of fruit and coffee- not to mention REAL creamer! I cannot believe I had not discovered these luxuries earlier- I rave about it all the time!”

“I do a little jig every time I see fruit in the bowl. The KIND bars make me extra happy!”

“It is impossible not to feel the GIANT pick me up that replenished K-Cups provide! Pun intended.”

“We are APPLElutely GRAPEful for the abundance of fresh fruits and coffee. ORANGE you glad we have such wonderful families?! Without their support, we would go BANANAS!”

The Travis Teachers