Calling Auction Volunteers

Come to one of two introductory auction meetings Wednesday, Nov. 5 and learn more about this important event that provides the PTA with more than 90 percent of its yearly budget. We need every level of volunteer — folks with a lot of time to offer and folks with a few minutes here and there. It's a great way to meet people and give back to the Travis community.

There are two opportunities to learn about auction volunteering; both meetings will cover the same information. Choose the one that best fits your schedule. The first meeting is 8 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5 at Travis in the Community Room. The second meeting is 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5 at Becks Prime (115 W. 19th St.) in the party room upstairs. Email with questions.
Christina KuehlerMark Sternfels