Carnival Supply Drives

The Carnival needs YOU to make it a success! Please help by donating these small but important items. All donations may be dropped off in the Community Room. (Tents and extension cords will be returned after Carnival.)

Candy - Bags of NON-MELTING candy are needed for booth giveaways, especially Dum Dums brand lollipops for our Pick-a-Pop booth!

Bottled Water - Water keeps our volunteers hydrated! Packages of 12 or 24 are preferred.

10x10 Pop-Up Tents - Label tents with YOUR NAME and YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER.

Prizes - We need toys and packages of bubbles, jump ropes, frisbees, chalk, masks, etc. for the Carnival prize booth. (Load up at your nearest dollar store for Travis!)

Extension Cords - Label with YOUR NAME and YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER.

A BIG thank you to all the sponsors of this year’s Fall Carnival! We have exceeded our goal and have raised $19,000! Let’s keep going! The deadline for sponsor recognition on festival day banners and signs is Friday, Oct. 17.

Congratulations to Ms. Gonzales’ Pre-K class for winning a Frozen Fruit Pop Party and Week 3 of the Silly String Contest!

- Gretchen Himsl and Miah Arnold